Visiting Belize by Cruise Ship and Your Tour Options

Many cruise ships now visit Belize as part of their Cruise schedule and you will have the opportunity to visit Belize for just a day. Now Belize could entertain you with its attractions for weeks, so it is difficult to choose just one thing to do when you visit Belize for just a day.

The cruise ship will dock just off the coast of Belize City and you will take the ships tender that will drop you off in the Belize cruise village.

The one thing you do NOT want to do is to just walk around Belize City, Belize City is not really a nice city and while it does have some nice colonial buildings nobody would recommend you walk around the city on your own, it is best to take a trip into the mainland or go out diving or snorkeling. This will ensure you have a great short visit to Belize.

You have many options to choose from for day trips when you visit Belize including

· Cave Tubing, Zip Lining,

· Baboon Sanctuary,

· Altun Ha Mayan Ruins

· Lamanai an ancient Mayan river temple.

· Belize City Tour

· Snorkeling day trip

· Diving trip

When you get on the ship you will be offered the opportunity to book using the cruise ship booking office and you will find that prices when booking are at a premium on the boat and you will be advised it best to book via the boat for safety and making sure you get back on time etc etc.

This is understandable as they want you to book through them as they make a commission on every booking anywhere from 10 to 20%.

You can with a little bit of research (just like you are doing now) find the same quality trips for a lot less money. Now while for 2 people it might be much of a savings if as with most cruisers they are with the whole family and this is where really big savings can be made.

If you were to ask “what is the best trip to take when visiting Belize” it would be hard to answer as there are so many great trip options.

The most popular are Cave Tubing and Zip Lining and of course will have hundreds of other cruisers doing the exact same trip so the best advice is to take a less popular trip to avoid the crowds and experience Belize without hundreds of cruisers. A great alternative is Lamanai Mayan River Adventure or the Baboon Sanctuary visit. Both trips are excellent and will show you the beauty of Belize while avoiding the hundreds of other cruisers all floating down the river in tubes

The author runs a website where you can receive up to 20% discount off the already low rates offered by the tour operators in Belize City, you can choose your favorite operator and book and get an additional 20% off there already low rates.

That means you can save up to 40% off the Cruise Ship Tour Rates leaving you more spending money for souvenirs or Belikin beers.

Gaz Cooper is a well known resident of Belize and published author on Belize and its attractions

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