Find the Best Hotels For Your Next Holidays in Mauritius

Charming Hotels

Mauritius has a very wide variety of hotels ranging from 2 to 5 stars. Whatever the quality of accommodation you choose be aware that each focuses on the quality and they will try all their means to ensure the complete satisfaction of their guests. Some hotels, through the services they offer, they are more specialized than others to accommodate families for example, or to offer the most comprehensive sports.

Luxury Hotels

Everyone boasts at the result of the quality of the luxury hotels in Mauritius. Foreign visitors enjoy their holidays in exceptional and peaceful atmosphere and they benefit an exemplary service located in beautiful places; these are what the luxury hotels in Mauritius have to offer their visitors. They are not all alike. Each has its own environment, intimate or more restless.

Accommodation Information

In this section, there are some ideas to help you choose according to your budget, your desire for relaxation or discovery (or both) and happiness that you want to offer to those of your family traveling with you. It is not enough to display a hotel on a site, you must know about it. The more qualified are those who know them well. The professionals in the planning of destinations are there at your service to help you in your choices.

Before leaving for Mauritius

In Mauritius and Rodrigues, as in all the islands in the Indian Ocean, the seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere. Plan your trip by looking for information about the entry formalities in Mauritius such as visa, passport, health, vaccination and group all relevant documents together in a specific folder in your luggage.

Mauritius International Airport

The International Airport of Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is located 48 km southeast of Port Louis. It has some duty free shops, banks where you can deal with currency exchange, restaurants and a bar. You can also rent a car for your personal use. Taxis can take you to Port Louis or at your hotel and they wait for you outside the airport. They are recognizable by their white registration plates with black numbers. Air Mauritius also offers daily flights to Rodrigues Island.


The Mauritian rupee is equivalent to 0.0220 euros and 1 euro equals 45.3 MUR. It is divided into 100 cents (cents), there are coins and banknotes. There is a facility to change the euro in all banks and major hotels. Credit cards and travelers checks are accepted. To buy foreign currency, you can change your ticket in € Euros and traveler’s checks in the various exchange offices in banks, hotels or airport. American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted in Mauritius in stores, restaurants, hotels and in the banks.


There are banks in every major city and in all the tourist areas. They all accept the conversions of tickets as traveler’s checks, and typically have an ATM accepting most credit cards. Bank business hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 15 pm (17 pm on Friday). The money changers have their office open seven days a week in tourist areas.


Mauritius bases their constitution on the English model, the traffic is also inspired by the English; they drive on the left, however the priority is right.

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