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Standing proudly on the Mediterranean coast of North Cyprus, the old port town of Kyrenia is probably best known for its two ancient landmarks. The beautiful harbour and the magnificent castle that overlooks it. But the joys of Kyrenia are not limited to its 6,000 year old history as an inhabited spot. There is far more to the town, as a day of wandering around its pretty alleyways and streets, browsing its myriad of shops and eating in one of its many restaurants will soon reveal.

In Kyrenia, the warmth of the wonderful Mediterranean climate is supplemented by the warmth of the people. There is so much to do to keep you occupied, yet the pace of life is relaxed and you soon find yourself falling in step with the rhythm of life like it used to be. Many people choose Kyrenia as a base for a Northern Cyprus holiday, however, quite a lot of them never move from the town, choosing to spend their days watching the world go by. If you do want to stay in the town or near it, the choice of hotels too is vast, with something to suit just about everyone!

Standing in manicured and extensive grounds, Acapulco Cyprus (or the Acapulco Spa Resort Hotel Kyrenia as it is formally known) is a substantial property with its own large beach, a choice of different accommodation, three large swimming pools and enough activities on site to keep you busy for an entire holiday. The place is designed to offer a feel more like a village than a hotel and the staff are friendly and helpful. Located about twenty minutes’ drive from Kyrenia town centre, this is an ideal spot for families and couples alike. Fancy a little luxury and indulgence? Then how about the Malpas Hotel? Located in the hillside overlooking Kyrenia and the glorious waters of the Mediterranean, the Malpas would be difficult to better.

Or possibly something smaller and closer to the town? Two properties immediately come to mind. Both are family run and owned, both have been going for many years, and both are consistently highly rated by visitors. First, the Altinkaya Hotel Northern Cyprus, to give it its full name. About four miles from the town, this property has a choice of different rooms. Cleverly designed, the hotel is effectively separated in two, each part with its own pool, allowing it to retain a small and friendly feel. Closer, in the outskirts of Kyrenia itself, is the Pia Bella Hotel. Long famed for its friendly and attentive staff, this is also split into two main buildings and again has two pools. Above all, both hotels are renowned for their superb cuisine. You will certainly never go hungry here!

And for something even smaller and private look no further than Hideaway Cyprus. Stunningly situated on the mountainside above Kyrenia, the Hideaway has just a few cottages and apartments. The languid and relaxed atmosphere here is absolutely captivating and it is easy to simply spend each day, lying by the pool on the sun terrace. Food here is also famed for its quality.

Along the coast to the west, you will find Riverside Cyprus. Just a mile from the sea, and with access to a private beach club, Riverside is a perfect spot for families and couples alike. Although quite large, the accommodation in bungalows and cottages is spread out amongst eight acres of beautifully planted gardens. A paradise of flowers awaits you here, but there is plenty to do as well, with three pools and a choice of restaurants.

In fact, this really is just a handful. There are many, many hotels in and around Kyrenia and the choice of size and style is mind-boggling. From the smallest to the largest, from clean and basic to the height of five-star luxury, everything you could imagine can be found here. And it should also be mentioned that holidays to Kyrenia represent incredible value for money at the moment. The country is tied to the Turkish Lira and exchange rates are incredibly favourable.

One thing is certain though. Wherever you choose to stay for a holiday to Kyrenia, come and stay. You will treasure the memories forever.

Source by Richard D Bowles

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