Vanuatu Attractions

A cool fact everybody should know is that the bulk of planet Earth is covered by water. Why not explore some of it and see what else is out there besides humans and land animals? The most creatures on the planet live in the oceans and other bodies of water.

It would make for a great holiday to find out about some of these engaging underwater mysteries. Scuba Diving doesn’t require any previous experience and a basic skill level can be achieved in a couple of hours tutoring. For a great holiday adventure for your family theirs nothing better you can do to bring everyone together then by going scuba diving and exploring the unknown.

There are many scuba diving operators that go to the most remote and exotic locations on Earth. A few of these gorgeous places include the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Bahamas, Kenya, Thailand, and Costa Rica. These are some of the best known and adventurous places most experienced scuba divers try and get to in their career. Another amazing destination that is only a few hours from Australia or New Zealand is Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a well kept secret that has warm tropical water, great visibility, a huge range of wrecks and reefs for all skill levels and due to the great all year conditions diving happen every day.

When it comes to Vanuatu attractions most travel agents offer great accommodation packages and a lot of the Vanuatu dive operators offer diving and accommodation packages. Some of the operators are in more remote area and also offer great deals on day trips and longer stays.

If your a family, many are family friendly and offer lessons and activities for your kids. Most scuba diving vacations will include classes and gear for you to hire or purchase. If you decide to take some lessons you will learn how to use the scuba hardware and the correct safety rules to follow to make your scuba diving vacation as safe and successful as possible. The classes are often held at the diving destination and some operators now conduct theory lessons via the internet. You will learn so much about our amazing underwater world and the different species of fish you can encounter.

Dive operators here in Vanuatu don’t permit removal of fish or lobster from the reefs however most of the restaurants in Port Vila offer a seafood menu.

When you learn how to scuba dive it is an activity that you can include in future holidays. So if you are considering a holiday or a trip, think out of the box, think excitement, think journey, think about discovering unexplored underwater caves, think about scuba diving vacations. They will expand your world. You find out how to do a new sporting activity.

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