There’s No Holiday Like a Boating Holiday

Boating is no doubt among the best of all the pleasurable outdoor revelries a person can become involved in. This may include drifting away on a slow flowing river aboard a craft, or just floating on the tranquil water of a dreamy lagoon. But of course, boating will not mean canoeing into a sea cave in Thailand, Capri or some other region. That is a different matter altogether.

The fact is, there is no holiday like a boating holiday, whatever way you may look at it. And it is a holiday for the entire family, and you could throw in a few close friends occasionally as well. As for the kids, they become wild with joy, being out on the water and floating in a vessel in company with their loved ones. This type of closeness and joy of being together aboard a small craft in a wide open expanse can make everyone happy – adults and children alike.

Think of the joy of paddling the boat too. Apart from the wonderful exercise it provides, it gives a novel experience where each stroke of your powerful arms can steer the boat in a forward direction. And when someone tries his/her hands with you, the fun becomes all the more exciting.

Boating Can Be a Learning Experience

Apart from the entertainment part of it, boating with family can be instructive too. You can tell the kids about the various marine plants and living things that you are likely to encounter while you are floating leisurely through a creek. Bring up an anecdote or two about various folklores such as the will-o’-the wisp or the friar’s lantern – a term for a ghostly light often seen at night over swamps and marshes. Tell them that there is nothing ghostly about it. Explain that the sudden fire is caused by explosion of methane gas when it comes in contact with phosphorus. Little children would also love stories of lovely fairies coming to dance near blue lagoons on moonlit nights.

And then, you can add some variations to your boating excursions by indulging in several forms of water sports. You can enjoy tubing along a slow flowing river. Although it is considered quite safe for all ages (mounting inflated rubber tubes on the water), but you should still insist that everyone wear life jackets, just in case there is an accident. Or you could also try water skiing, wakeboarding or some other water sports on your boating expedition.

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