Spend A Memorable Vacation In The Caribbean Archipelago Of Jamaica

Jamaica is a popular Caribbean destination with tourists. This archipelago has all things necessary to make a tropical vacation memorable and enjoyable. Sandy beaches with pristine waters and luxury resorts all add to the attraction. This cricket-loving nation has very friendly people and the culture has a strong African influence. Slaves brought in here to work the land typically occupied the island.

All flights to Jamaica land and take off from the two international airports, one in Montego Bay and the other in Kingston. British Airways and US Airways have regular flights to the country, so reaching there is never an issue. The cheapest airline to offer flights to the country is Air Jamaica. Cayman Airways and Caribbean Airlines also offer some cheap flights to Jamaica from other the neighboring countries.

The topography is varied, thus giving a variety of options to enjoy. The sandy beaches are a given. In addition to them, there are mountains and rivers to explore. The Blue Mountains area is a beautiful place to visit, with good weather and the coffee plantations. There are a number of resorts located in the midst of these plantations where vacationers can take a short break.

Summertime is hot and humid. Winter months are usually the peak holiday season. The preferred time to visit this place is around Christmas. People throng here to make good use of the not-so-cold climes to enjoy their New Year on the numerous beaches. There are a number of cruise liners operating cruises during this time. They offer the pleasure of enjoying a luxurious holiday. It is one big party to enjoy.

The popular beaches here are Runaway Bay and Ocho Rios. There are a number of activities to keep vacationers busy. The pristine waters have some of the best marine life and coral reefs in the world. Snorkeling is popular water sport and vacationers can take boat rides into the sea to enjoy a few hours of snorkeling. The beaches are well equipped to serve tourists, with some beach side eateries offering deck chairs and other paraphernalia needed to soak up the sun. Another hotspot is the Black River, with a set of river-based activities to choose from. A river cruise is well worth it too.

Last minute flights to Jamaica may be difficult to get during the peak holiday season, but vacationers get affordable seats on these flights, they should take them. A trip to the west of the island is a must. Negril, located here, gives some of the best opportunities to explore the coral reefs.

The country is the perfect place to plan a honeymoon, watching the sunset from its pristine beaches is spectacular and romantic. For those wanting to explore the coastline, there are a number of day cruises and they can even try their hand at deep-sea fishing. A 4X4 buggy ride is available for the adventure enthusiasts.

The country is home to the popular Rastafarian culture made popular by Bob Marley and calypso music. It is the birthplace of reggae too. There are number of performances by upcoming artist around Kingston and Montego Bay. During the tourist season, there are street performances as well.

The country is a good place to enjoy a budget holiday too. There are a number of hotels and guesthouses offering budget rates. So all budget travelers need are cheap tickets to Jamaica.

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