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Graduating seniors who live near Disney World or Disney Land might be invited to celebrate their high school graduation at Disney Grad Nite. This special, all-night event allows busloads of students to enter the park after it closes. The students get to dance to special musical acts, watch fireworks, and ride attractions. The event goes on until four o’clock in the morning, but schools can make arrangements with one of the Disney Resort Hotels for students to stay overnight. Let us explain more about grad nite and how it can make your graduation the best.

The Disney graduation party is not a new tradition; Disneyland has hosted such an event since’61. In recent years, the parties at Disney World in particular have gotten flashier, with popular musicians and actors performing at events since 2006. In recent years, acts such as the Fray and Britney Spears have appeared at graduation parties at Disney World.

A trademark of the Disney World party is surprise celebrity visits. Teenagers are eager to come to this event because they never know who might show up. Musical acts for this coming year have not been announced yet, but many teens speculate that Taylor Swift or Black-Eyed Peas might perform.

Both events also include access to popular rides such as Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. In addition to dancing the night away, graduating seniors can go on as many of these rides as they like; unlimited access is part of the package schools pay for when they sign up to participate in the event.

You might wonder why schools would encourage students to attend this event. Thousands of students from different schools attend, which could become chaotic if not handled well. However, the Disney events are perfectly safe, which is a big selling point.

The event is planned with safety in mind. School officials and parents should feel comfortable sending their children to this event. Disney has strict rules governing student behavior during the event. Students must arrive with their school, not in private vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about teenagers driving at night. In addition, the event must be chaperoned. The school is required to provide one adult chaperone for every 10 students attending the event, and one chaperone from each participating school must be present at the event at all times. (There is a lounge chaperones may relax in when they need a break from duty.)

Although the biggest graduation party is held at Disney World, there is also an event at Disneyland for West Coast teenagers. At Disneyland, the park is open on graduation night only to teenagers celebrating their high school graduation. Schools must sign up for the event in advance. The students get unlimited access to popular rides such as Space Mountain and Indiana Jones after the park closes. As with the Disney World event, drugs and alcohol are not allowed. Disneyland also has strict rules about how closely students are to be chaperoned. Students have to attend the event with their school chaperones and cannot arrive in their own vehicles.

Disney Grad Nite is a fun, exciting way for graduating seniors to celebrate the accomplishment of having successfully completed all their coursework. The event is certain to create memories that students will share with their future families in years to come.

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