Select From a Range of Camping Tents for an Exciting Weekend Trip

If you have not had an exciting weekend trip for a long time, plan a camp with a roof tent. Several Australian companies stock sturdy superior quality tents for a camp or a short trip to the countryside. There is the convenience of buying online too; the company will ship it to you without any delay.

Selecting a Roof top Tent

A roof top tent has a range of selection; there are different types of these tents. If you are planning to fix your tent on top of your vehicle, a hard-shell type is advisable. They deploy quickly, offer very little resistance to air and provide absolute comfort. Fabric tents are good and have more frontal wind resistance especially when driving on highways. The package is small but you will find a lot of space inside. Tents in various fabrics are available for your selection. Carbon fiber and fiberglass models are lightweight and the operation is simple allowing instant deployment. The carbon fibre variety is very tough and ideal for any trip. All tents invariably look alike; however, you have to consider a few tips before buying. Examine the hinges, they should be robust, thick and of stainless steel. Select a tent with a thick foam mattress and durable zips. A flysheet of superior-quality is vital as also a wooden base for the tent. Zippered shutters and mosquito netting are must-haves. Finally, check the ladder of the tent before you make the final decision.

Look Out for a Sturdy Camper Trailer

Camping out is exciting and adventurous; those who are fond of it will buy a camper trailer that is not difficult to fix. Trailer tents and folding tents have become very popular because of the ease of fixing. You can also get a combination of folding campers and trailer tents. Canvas tents are good and sturdy with a durable steel frame. The poles should be rust-resistant and the doors and windows should have mesh and PVC coating. YKK zippers are excellent and durable. The locks should be on top of the doors. For simple and easy operation elasticised toggles are useful. Storage pockets and carry-bags to pack the canvas and poles provide convenience. Most camp trailers come with a long warranty period; ensure this before purchasing.

Types of Camping Tents

Camping tents come in different shapes and sizes; A-frame tents are the most common type that appears like a prism. The other type is a pyramid tent which has the same shape; this has a main pole at the centre. Although there may be some inconveniences of having a central pole, this type of pyramid is lightweight and hence easy to cart along. Hoop tents are different, in that they have parallel hoops that hold the fabric and the number of hoops varies from tent to tent. There is a slight variation of this type called wedge tents; these have two hoops criss-crossing each other, giving it more height. When there are more than four hoops, it’s called a dome tent. Another hoop is used to construct a freestanding vestibule. These tents are ideal to use in inclement weather conditions. However, the poles make it difficult to deploy the tent. Whichever tent you choose, you have to ensure the dealer provides a good warranty.

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