Kenya Safari – Find the Best Tour Operator

If you are planning a Kenyan safari and you are looking for the best tour operator, you must take certain steps before you decide which one is the best for you.

Although there are a number of choices to choose from, some of the tour companies that operate in Kenya should be avoided. The worst of the lot are the companies that will approach you as soon as your arrive in at the airport. Many of the people selling safari tours on the spot can be very aggressive and do what they can to prevent you from walking away. Not all operators are seedy but by purchasing right on the spot very quickly, you might be paying for something that wont guarantee you the best safari for the money. Another problem with on the spot purchases is that you will have to be paying money up front so if it is a scam, you could be out of quite a bit of your hard earned cash. This type of aggressive selling happens frequently so the best recommendation is to not approach any of these operators and or look in their direction.

Even some of the internet companies might not be as good as you expected when actually taking the safari trip so it is recommended that you do some research and write correspondences to ensure you are investing in a reputable tour operator. One of the safer ways to book a safari trip is through travel website that arranged your airline and hotel accommodations. Safari operators that work together with these sites are generally safe and you can other read reviews on quality of the service from other travelers who purchased a safari.

Another solution to picking the right safari trip is by going through travel review websites such as Trip Advisor. Please be advised that some of the reviews might be coming from people who actually work for the tour operator. Other reputable websites such as National Geographic or your country’s government travel website, such as the US State Department’s travel advisory site. If you have a travel agent, this person will be able to help you find the right tour operator to choose.

By doing your homework, you can be more confident when you are ready to take a Kenyan safari. With that peace of mind of knowing you have made a good decision, you are bound to have a much better experience on your vacation.

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