How to Have An Eco Friendly Timeshare Holiday

Eco-vacations or “green” holidays are a trend that’s been on the rise for years. With the heightened awareness over the toll the leisure industry has on the environment, there has been a certain shift in the attitudes of people to greener pastures and more guilt-free holiday options. Now timeshare isn’t closely associated with any large “green” movements or outreach into the eco-friendly communities, however that doesn’t mean that there are not any green resorts out there. You as a timeshare owner can also make your own decision to move into the eco-friendly sphere too.

First things first, you are best to consider what it means to “go green” when going on holiday. One of the biggest costs on the environment in the travel and leisure industry is flights; the burning of aviation fuel creates vast amounts of carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. The increase in “no frills flights” within the last 10 years has meant that even more people were able to escape to foreign climbs for their week away. Obviously the most people taking to the skies, the more planes have to be in the air spewing out pollutants into the atmosphere. Less flights, less impact – simple.

For those who are really committed to pursuing the eco-timeshare experience then they need to start the vacation with their feet firmly on the ground. This is going to be easier/more difficult depending on where it is you live, some countries provide better timeshare resorts within driving/train distance, whereas others may not. If you live in the UK for example, you’re spoilt for choice of timeshare properties which are all within easy reach; Cameron House, Thurnham Hall, Pine Lake Resort and Woodford Bridge to but name a few.

Similarly, if you live in the USA, there is no shortage of timeshare resorts, however not all are going to be so close. One of the fairly easy measures to take is to ensure that your resort is close by, if you live in Neveda and are coveting Florida’s sun-soaked offerings, then reaching it by bus or train may not be that practical. Again, if you’re committed to eco-timeshare holidays, then you’re better off keeping relatively local.

Now of course, there are other factors to consider when you arrive at your timeshare resort, are you planning to drive long distances for the entirety of your stay or can you stay local? Is there public transport in the local area that might save the need to take to the car every day? The fewer journeys you have to make, the less fuel you will use and the more eco-friendly it will be.

Finally, is your timeshare resort eco-friendly? Currently there are not many resorts with this badge around the globe, but there are some notable examples are doing what they can in order to promote the Green timeshare holiday experience.

In the UK Melfort Village has taken large steps into ensuring that the resort leaves the least impact on the environment as possible. From using eco-friendly light bulbs, to recycling old furniture, to double-insulation in the walls. Even further afield major worldwide timeshare developers like Marriott Vacation Club and Wyndham Worldwide Corporation have been noted for their green efforts and have both committed to ensure that they are at the head of eco-friendly timeshare.

Source by James Toby Howson

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