Delhi Darshan

Travelling to Delhi at first stage was not my cup of tea and thinking of a single woman doing Delhi Tour all alone was further a big question. But I being a single parent has taken so many risk in my life and this was a new challenge for me. Working in an MNC of Mumbai I have been posted at Kolkatta for four years, seen couple of hurdles alone while travelling, but Delhi was too much on my nerves.

So I started my mission and took a firm decision, “that I will travel all along the day and leave Delhi city by evening”. My first research material was internet and dropped down to couple of websites including big names, but they didn’t seemed specialized about Delhi Bus Tour. Eventually after couple of days research I narrowed down on few websites and interesting part is all of them were starting from”India” but they were selling only four tours, so my faith in them went down the drain you are mentioning India Incredible and booking mere four tours, shocking. I called couple of other companies and pin pointed Delhi Darshan. They seemed to me genuine at first stage, but you know how we are, the people of Mumbai! So hesitating I tried to do booking at their website and found that they are using CC Avenue Payment Gateway which I know is a Mumbai company and has a great goodwill. Eventually I booked it and surprisingly my Delhi Tour. Surprisingly traffic on Delhi roads was comparatively less than my city. In starting I saw Jantar Mantar, we stopped at a Hindu Temple, India Gate, President House, Parliament, Qutab Minar, Raj Ghat and so on…

Never thought that after completing this Delhi Darshan Bus Tour I would be having a warm feeling towards Delhi, the capital of my country. I loved the way Delihite speak, their local food. Whenever I used to read newspapers, my first point of view would be, “Oh My God, Delhi!” and now my entire opinion has been changed. This city is the capital of the country and all Indians should experience different aspects of Delhi. Here you will not find sea, mountains, desert or rain-forest, but you will find entire India.

I was surprised when I met a Paw Bhaji Wala and he was speaking Marathi. This one day trip was one of my best tour. Thank you the entire team of Delhi Darshan.

Source by Sandy Thomas

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