Celebrating the Merriments of Holi

Also known as Phagwa in the Bhojpuri dialect, Holi is a sacred Hindu festival, celebrated each year, by Hindus all over the world. However, some of its most happening and worth watching celebrations take place in India where people gather to celebrate Holi in their style. In order to check this out, millions of tourists get their tickets to India and reach down to the country. This is where they get to vibrant the vibrant and illustrious ensue of the people of subcontinent. In relation to Holi, there are many Hindu scriptures but one of the most authentic and highly beloved ones is that it is celebrated to mark the defeat of Holika, by Prahlad, who refused to worship his (Prahlad’s) father, the king. In the encounter that took place, Holika was destroyed in fire and this is reflected annually in bonfires and decorations made with statues.

India has a population of almost 2 billion people and to see such a multitude of people gather together in waves of color is a sight every individual must experience at least once in their lifetimes. This is just another reason, beside Taj mahal, to get the Tickets to India The festival is a two-day procession with the first day involving religious practices such as holy sermons by the elder members and visits to temples and shrines. Bonfires are also lit up through out the country. This then leads into the second day, where all hell breaks loose. It starts at the crack of dawn with the sound of laughter as children can be heard running through every street. Vigorous thumps of drums are heard as people gather in millions, everyone dancing to the beat of the bhangra. Vendors line the streets with bags of colored powder, a rainbow to every passer by. And without a warning, the festival begins. Clouds of red, yellow, blue, green line the horizon as people douse each other with colored powder and sprays from water guns. Children, teenagers, and adults, everyone becomes one as they disappear in the mists of merriment. Friend or not, anyone who is near enough is gets a water balloon smashed on their heads. The energy is multiplied by the local drink, bhang, which is an alcoholic mixture of cannabis and milk, as it is open to all. For those who craze a large scale party, this is the one that should not be missed. So give yourself the chance to be a part of the Holi festival and get hold of tickets to India.

And on occasions such as Holi, no matter what belief anyone belongs to, everyone is welcome to participate in the commemorations. It has been a world wide tradition that people from all parts of the world, crowd airports during the month of March to book their flights to India and see themselves what joy the festival of Holi brings about. Therefore, be a part of this tradition, get your Flights to India for this year’s Holi, and see for yourself the glamorous energy that Indians have to offer.

Source by Zinus Elbert Sonn

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