Cayman Islands Holidays – Rock Climbing on Cayman Brac

The popular pastime of Rock climbing involves climbing up or across natural rock formations, with the goal of reaching the summit of the formation. If you have every visited Grand Cayman or Little Cayman, then rock climbing would not have entered your mind. 

However Cayman Brac is more bumpy that its sister islands. Its highest point is The Bluff on Cayman Brac’s eastern part, which rises to 140 feet (42.6 m) above sea level, the highest point on any of the three islands.

140 feet may not be an impressive height, but the Bluff is rated as Class 5 (out of 5) on the Yosemite Decimal System, which means ‘Technical free climbing involving rope, belaying, and other protection hardware for safety. Un-roped falls can result in severe injury or death’. This class is further divided, with the average rating being given as 5.11. The easiest route is classed as a 5.8, and the hardest are described as 5.14.

It can be a dangerous sport, and if you wish to climb the Bluff then you need to bring your own equipment as there aren’t hiring facilities on the Island. You must climb as part of a team, and even then you will be on your own of you have a problem.

As an endorsement to the challenge that Cayman Brac offers rock climbers, some of the world’s top climbers have a second home there.

If you are interested in climbing while staying on Cayman Brac, there are route maps available, which you can get by contacting The Cayman Breakers website -caymancondosonline.

Source by John Guinn

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