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In the last few years travel in Cambodia has become much less arduous than in years gone by with the continual improvement of the roads Buses taxis and “Motodops” (shortened to moto’s) are running at faster speeds and they are not the body shaking, teeth rattling odysseys anymore for the most part. The major exceptions would be the route from Poipet to Angkor Wat voted worst road in the world for over ten years and the overland route to Sihanoukville from Bangkok via Trat Thailand. With more tourism, which has been growing in double digits for many years now, the flights and air routes into Cambodia have more potential passengers, which have increased the competition, which has resulted in some of the cheapest flights in Cambodia in quite a while.

Cambodia buses both the mini bus and the big commercial busses are getting to be a higher quality, and new bus companies are forcing the older companies to improve their equipment in order to compete. Taxis like wise are improving as the western tourist demand a better quality, you can be fairly certain of getting a taxi that meets a minimum standard that is much improved from the old days. I remember one time that they had taken the seat belt and secured it behind the molding of the door frame, making it totally useless, this kind of modification was not unusual, nor was it unusual to be suffer from a massive headache in a mini bus due to sucking on exhaust fumes for hours on end from the open rear door.

“Moto’s” still tend to aggravate tourists mostly for the constant rip offs and now there is a lot of “took tooks” these guys are just as bad as the “touk touks” drivers in Bangkok and if you can avoid using one you will be that much happier on your travels.

In Cambodia cheap flights are now more common and there are more flights both within Cambodia as well as flight to the neighboring countries of Thailand and Vietnam and Singapore which serves as a regional hub for the discount flights.

As always in Cambodia remember to be vigilant when you travel if it seems wrong often times it is trust your intuition and do the smart thing.

Source by Fred Tittle

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