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After a long wait, the summer season has arrived and has been striking to have a conversation with you to take up a vacation abroad. So, what have you decided this summer? Which would be your holiday destination?

Well, the holiday destinations lie in abundance but there is one place that is purely steeped in history. We are talking about the city of Kabul. It is the capital of Afghanistan other than being the largest city. Kabul is a cultural and economic centre and its economy was devastated when it got involved in wars. The city has witnessed the aftermath that resulted from the war between the US troops and the Taliban but this did not make many ardent wanderers to take flights to Kabul. The fact remains true that the city is war-torn but you still can have the benefit of being in the city as it showers upon you a plethora of historical highlights.

If we talk about grabbing a vacation package for Kabul, odds are many would refuse to do so as it is the city that has been cornered by various negative effects and midst those, tensions have grabbed the locals residing in the city. You may also come across people saying that it is not a safe place to stay but those who are out on a hunt to discover the ancient aspects of the city would truly make their way to Kabul to get their hands on varied highlights which reflect pure olden times from every corner. It may come as a surprise to you that the historical background of Kabul dates back to more than 3000 years. In those times, the city was shattered into pieces and was reconstructed numerous times as it was under the influence of various rulers.

Taking a tour to the city is no less than a treat to history lovers who just cannot sit back when it comes to revealing the undying tales of the times of yore. They grab cheap flights to Kabul to witness the tourist attractions that draw several holiday-makers. Kabul is also jammed with other attractions as well other than the ancient ones. As a matter of fact, the grand tourist attraction is the old part of the city which is filled with countless bazaars located in the narrow lanes.

You can have a stopover at the following tourist attractions:

» Mausoleum of Abdur Rahman Khan

» National Museum of Afghanistan

» National Archives of Afghanistan

» Bagh-e Babur (Babur Gardens)

» Shah-do Shamshira Mosque

» Darul Aman Palace

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