5 Reasons to Choose Ayia Napa For Your Next Holiday

Here are the five compelling reasons as to why one must include Ayia Napa in the itinerary of every person planning holiday in Cyprus. To enjoy Ayia Napa’s great nightlife, fabulous bars and restaurants; but also because it has a lovely city and flourishing holiday resort. The huge stretch of golden beaches, with cool Mediterranean Sea, makes a perfect setting for sun bathing.

Reason 1: The busy harbor front is dotted with some of the finest bars and restaurants, which allows one to relax and enjoy a beer while watching the boats reach. The Ayia Napa harbor has a small fleet of fishing boats, so if one is a mood to have fresh sea food, there is always the option open. One can avail of the services of the boats to have a trip around the sea, or even hire a catamaran and sail around the open sea. For those who want to watch the sea life, the option of hiring a semi Submersible – yellow submarine is always there. These are quit reasonable priced.

Reason 2: Another must visit destination is the Nissi beach that is about 2 Kms alongside the coast from the Ayia Napa harbor region. One has the option of taking a short bus ride or even takes a relaxed move. The path along the main route is lined with bars and shops. The Nisi beach region is just about a resort with an attractive golden beach facade by a number of restaurants, bars and shops. There is plenty of activity available to attract the youngsters such as bungee jumping and water sports. One more wonderful event, which is hosted often here, is known as foam party it is a great enjoyment for every age group.

Reason 3: -The Ayia Napa Water Park is another major attraction; it has succeeded many major European awards for security and is the most popular and the largest in entire Europe. The park is efficient, clean and well organized. The staff is very professional and curious, and the games available are amazing. They give an exhausting and fun filled day out for old or young alike. There is great for all age groups from kids to toughened water park freaks.

Reason 4: -The most famous reason for Ayia Napa popularity is its legendary nightlife. And also the famous clubs like seignior frogs and the ministry of sound. One must visit the “the square” that is house of almost top clubs and can party till early morning, and later have breakfast in any cafe bars around the district.

Reason 5: Finally, for the mountaineering lover there is the very attractive Kyrenia mountain series also known as Five Finger Mountains that you can see parallel to the coast line. The entire mountain series 130km long but because of it being so slim, the entire range calculates near about 260 sq Km. The concerto of the series is mostly marble and dolomite, limestone, and you will be capable of raise some of them as souvenirs.

Source by Ken Sand

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