London Southend airport is the award winning 5th biggest airport of London. It has passenger flights, business flights,pilot training, and private aircrafts flying.
It has straight train connection bringing you to an entrance door of the airport from London city center.

Update new destinations from Southend Airport 2022:

Easyjet returned to Southend Airport as expected. Budget airline have 3 destinations to Malaga (Spain), Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and finally Faro (Portugual) added last minute.
Wizzair scheduled Bucharest and Vilnius routes but unfortunately decided not to operate from Southend Airport again at the last minute. They decided focus their operations on Luton Airport rather than others. Talks between Southend airport and Wizzair is continue for winter and summer 2023. Hopefully they will return to Southend airport in one point.

Also, Southend Airport executives talks with other airlines are continue. We will hear more through November 2022.

Remaning article had written last December;

However, passenger flights slowed down after pandemic started and first time after many years the airport executives decided to close it for passenger flights for winter 2021/22. Despite cargo flights, private bussiness flights and training flights continues, passenger flights stopped at least until February.
Budget airline Wizzair had intentions to have 6 flights a week from November 1, 2021 to Romania and Lithuania during winter but after decision they diverted these flights to Luton airport.

Southend airport Summer 2022 destinations:

What we know so far about next year 2022 summer flights from Southend airport? First of all we will have Wizzair operating flights from end of March. This is certain so far. They will start with Bucharest route but may extend to some popular destinations later on. There are talks with EasyJet return some flights to Southend Airport. Airport executives also confirmed they are in talk with other airlines for Summer 2022 flights from Southend Airport. So easily we can say from Southend airport to Spain destinations are almost guaranteed in the Summer of 2022. Airport executives said that they will know more in January 2022.
Stay tuned on! You will know first!

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