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Vacations are for most of us synonymous of relaxation but they can quickly become a real nightmare as soon as you enter the airport zone:

Simple tasks like finding a parking place, waiting in line, printing boarding passes, passing through the luggages inspection or simply going to the airport, can become especially painful, if we are not prepared.

That’s why, in order to avoid these small hassles, it is better to know some tips before venturing to the airport!

In any case, PREPARE your departure!

Hey, slow and steady wins the race!!

In other words: there is nothing like a good preparation to have some peace of mind!

Tip N°1: Make sure you will have all the necessary documents to travel if you don’t want to be refused at the boarding.

Tip N°2: Be up to date with your vaccinations. (this part written at Covid period so you can ignore it if it is removed by goverment)

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When traveling from France for example, you will need a PCR test less than 48 hours old. You will also need a travel permit if you need to travel after 6p.m

Tip N°3: Print your boarding pass in advance! This will save you from queuing in front of the boarding kiosks

TIP N°4: Have a friend drive you, so you can take advantage of the drop-off service and avoid paying the parking fee. If you don’t have the possibility to do so, you can reserve a parking lot nearby for about 40 euros per week.

TIP N°5: Identify the terminal and gate number. Roissy airport is a real labyrinth, especially if you are a novice, so I advise you to take note of the terminal number to be able to find your way from the highway if you come by car.

Parking Officiel PCD Paris Aéroport CHARLES DE GAULLE (Couvert) à  Tremblay-en-France

TIP 6: If you choose to go to the airport by train, you can reach the airport from the Gare du Nord by the RER B. You will also need the terminal number to find your way.

TIP N°7:  If you choose this mode of transport to go to the airport, you should know that there are free shuttles to go from one terminal to another.

N°8: Whatever your mode of transportation, prefer suitcases with wheels! It will save you a lot of backache! Never let you luggages out of your sight, as it will be considered suspicious and immediately destroyed 

TIP N°9: Roissy airport is full of restaurants and stores where you can eat or buy perfume, clothes or chocolate. However, some of them are currently closed for health reasons. You can consult the list of opened stores on the airport website via the link below:

TIP N°10: In any case you will have the possibility to go to the shopping center “AEROVILLE” which is near the airport. By bus it will cost you between 1 and 3 euros and 8 minutes of travel!

There are many restaurants and shops that I am sure you will enjoy visiting. Be careful not to miss your plane! 

TIP N°11: Look up the list of items forbidden in the hold or in the cabin if you don’t want to see your favorite drink go to waste at the baggage check. You can find the list of these items on the DGAC website via the following link

I hope these tips will help you to have a great vacation. 

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to visit the airport website where you will find a lot of other practical information!

Have a great vacation!!!

By Nadia M.

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